Quarterly Bulletins

Out to Innovate publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Out to Innovate Bulletin, available by email or surface mail to all dues-paying members. Prior to Winter 2021, this publication was known as the NOGLSTP Bulletin. We have made back issues available for reference. Issues from 1998 and later are available for downloading in their entirety as PDF files. Only featured article excerpts are available for 1997 and earlier issues.

Winter 2024, file size = 2942 kB
Contents: 2023 Out to Innovate Scholarship Award Winners; Three Board Members Conclude Service; Science Advances Article: Bisexual Behavior Genetically Tied to Risk-Taking; Open Call for New Board Members and Volunteers;The UCLA Williams Institute Releases New Report on SOGI Data

Spring/Summer/Fall 2023 file size =2434 kB
Contents: 2023 Awards Ceremony and Town Hall virtual meeting; 2023 Recognition Awardees Ramón Barthélemy (Educator of the Year), E. David Jansing (Engineer of the Year), Victoria Orphan (Scentist of the Year); 2023 Career Development Fellowship Awardees Matilda Brown, Winston Cuddleston, Adrianna Kępińska, Josie Meyer, Taz Mueller, Jenn Paik, Clara Qin, Sophia Sosa Fiscella, Dylan Spicker, Bennett Van Camp; Out to Innovate Statement on Affirmative Action Ruling; Join a Study on Romantic Relationship Disclosure at Work; Looking for ways to get involved with Out to Innovate?

Winter 2023 file size = 2994 kB
Contents: 2023 Out to Innovate Career Development Fellowship Recipients; AAAS Annual Meeting; John Cortinas Receives Presidential Rank Award; Four OTI Board Members Step Down; OSTP Announces Release of Federal Evidence Agenda on LGBTQI+ Equity; PRISMATIC Virtual Workshop Series to Begin in March; Programs Commitee seeks Volunteers

Fall 2022 file size = 1236 kB 
Contents: 2022 Out to Innovate Scholarship Winners; BHE Foundation CARES Scholarship Recipients; Amy A. Ross Scholarship Winner; Volunteering Opportunity with OTI Membership Committee; Rochelle Diamond Keynote Speaker at Pasadena’s National Coming Out Day Celebration; Kitsap Pride Event Coverage Includes Mention of Out; to Innovate

Summer 2022 file size =956 kB
Contents: 2022 Out to Innovate Awards Recognition Event recap; Out to Innovate Summer Town Hall; New Membership Management Website for Out to Innovate; US Patent and Trademark Office Hosts Proud Innovation Events; Monkeypox Research Priorities; JustSpace Alliance Releases Videos on Queer Experiences in Astronomy and a Documentary on James Webb Space Telescope Naming Controversy; 20th Anniversary American Chemical Society Presidential LGBTQ+ Reception Augst 23; Jane Rigby Part of Team Briefing President Biden on First Images from James Webb Space Telescope

Spring 2022 file size = 1300 kB
Contents: Out to Innovate 2022 Recognition Award Winners for Scientist, Engineer and Educator of the Year; ACS Recognizes LGBTQ+ Chemists as 2022 Trailblazers; Message from the Chair; Apply to Join the Out to Innovate Board; Looking for Ways to Help Out to Innovate?; Out to Innovate 2022 Awards Ceremony — May 28; Study Indicates that Scientists Being Out in the Workplace May Lead to More Publications; Calendar

Winter 2022 file size = 1000 kB
Contents: Recipients of Out to Innovate’s Professional Development Fellowships for Trans, Intersex, and Non-Binary People; Carolyn Bertozzi Awarded Wolf Prize in Chemistry; Looking for Ways to Help Out to Innovate?; Out to Innovate Awards Ceremony May 28; Chris Bannochie Running for ACS District IV Director

Fall 2021 file size = 926 kB
Contents: Out to Innovate at Society of Women Engineers 2021 National Meeting; Out To Innovate Launches Pilot Mentoring Program; Chair’s Note; Tori Cooper Appointed to Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA); Dr. Rachel Levine Named Four-Star Admiral in US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps; EngiQueers Canada; Gender-Neutral Passports Issued; University of California System Presidential Policy on Gender Recognition and Lived Name Announced; Orphan and Cherniak Elected AGU Fellows; Petitioning to Rename NASA’s Flagship Space Telescope; NPR Podcast Shortwave: Tam O’Shaughnessy’s 27-Year Partnership with Sally Ride; New Canadian and U.K. Pilot Program to Allow Queer Men to Donate Plasma

Summer 2021 file size = 1139 kB
Contents: Out to Innovate elects its new board members; Out to Innovate Scholarship Winners; BHE Foundation CARES Scholarship Winners; SPEEA Aerospace Career Enhancement Scholarship Winner; Amy A. Ross Scholarship in Bioscience Winner; Avangrid Scholarship Winners; Inphi Scholarship Winner; Spectra Conference to be Held in August; American Medical Association Foundation National LGBTQ+ Fellowship; Department of Education Federal Notice on Title IX Interpretation; 2021 Out to Innovate Awards Ceremony Recap; Census Bureau Survey to Include SO/GI Questions

Spring 2021 file size = 292 kB
Contents: Out to Innovate Recognition Award Winners; Apply to Join Out to Innovate’s Board; Save the Date: Out To Innovate Awards Celebration; Ben Barres Fellowship 2020 Winners; Professional Development Fellowships for Trans, Intersex, and Non-Binary People in STEM; Pentagon Institutes Policies Supporting Transgender Troops; Sororities May Open Membership to Nonbinary Students; Page 4: Chair’s Message; Funding the Future of Out to Innovate; Progress on Measuring LGBTQ+ People in STEM; Out to Innovate Stands Against Anti-Asian Racism and Bigotry; Camp Pride Summer Leadership Academy Program in July; Membership form; 2021 Out to Innovate Scholarships; Calendar

Winter 2021 file size = 980 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP’s New Name is “Out To Innovate”; 2021 Out to Innovate and AVANGRID Scholarships; Chair’s Note; Results for NOGLSTP’s Ben Barres Fellowships; Lockheed Martin Scholarship Opportunities; Biden-Harris Administration Issues Executive Orders on LGBTQ Rights; Representation Matters – Would You Like to Join the Biden-Harris Administration?; Calendar; Evidence of LGBTQ STEM Disparities in Recent Study>

Fall 2020 file size = 1240 kB
Contents: Out to Innovate 2020 Joint Event with oSTEM GoesVirtual; Out to Innovate Scholarship Winners; Inphi Undergraduate Physics/Engineering Scholarship Awarded to Jakob; David McClennan Memorial Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships Awarded to Rojas and Ayala; New Board Officers; Recognition Awards Call for Nominations; Chair’s Statement; Joint Out to Innovate / oSTEM National Conference flyer; NOGLSTP Receives $40K Grant for its Out to InnovateTM Scholarship Program from the Motorola Solutions Foundation; AAAS Accepts NOGLSTP’s Scientific Session Proposal; Binoculars on Federal Policies; Over 180 Applications Received for NOGLSTP’s Ben Barres Fellowship; Benny Chan Named ACS Fellow

Summer 2020 file size = 1190 kB
Contents: Ben Barres Fellowships; Out to Innovate™ Joint Event with oSTEM in 2020 Goes Virtual; New NOGLSTP Board Members; NOGLSTP Submits Support Letter to NSF in Support of Including SOGI Statistics in STEM Workforce Census; NOGLSTP Takes Stand Against Racism and Bigotry; Spectra Invited by AMS to Write Opening Letter for June 2020 Publication of The Notices; American Statistical Society Joins NOGLSTP as an Affiliate; American LGBTQ+
Field Networks Forming; NOGLSTP Submits an AAAS 2021 Virtual Scientific Session Proposal; Calling All NOGLSTP Members

Spring 2020 file size = 1020 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Receives Donation to Establish Ben Barres Fellowships; New Scholarships for Undergraduate Engineering Students; Out to Innovate™ Scholarships Accepting Applications; Out to Innovate™ Joint Event with oSTEM in 2020; Members of NOGLSTP’s AAS Affiliate Named AAS Fellows; Victoria Orphan Named Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Leading the Way – Sean P.J. Whelan; COVID-19 Resources for the LGBTQ Community; Anti-Transgender Bills on the Rise; NOGLSTP Seeks New Board Members; Skype a Queer Scientist for June Pride Month

Winter 2020 file size = 1200 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Recognition Awards Recipients: Brownell, Dell, Whelan, Queer Science; NOGLSTP at 2020 AAAS Annual Meeting; Rainbow Reception at Ocean Sciences Meeting; Out to Innovate™ Joint Event with oSTEM in 2020; National GiveOUT Day; ACS Subdivison of Gay and Transgender Chemists and Allies at ACS National Meeting; National Postdoctoral Association Annual Conference; Caroline Bertozzi Profiled in Chemical & Engineering News; Jon Freeman Joining NIH’s Advisory Committee to the Director of Diversity; NOGLSTP Committees Seek Volunteers; Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Applications Open in April

Fall 2019 file size = 1615 kB
Contents: Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Winners; NOGLSTP Awarded Grant from Motorola Solutions Foundation; NOGLSTP at AAAS 2020 Annual Meeting; NOGLSTP Signs onto Amicus Curiae Brief on Title VII; NOGLSTP Board Organizes Committees and Task Forces; oSTEM and NOGLSTP in Negotiation for Joint Meeting in 2020; NOGLSTP Attends the First Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment Members Meeting; NOGLSTP to Host Reception at SACNAS Meeting; NOGLSTP at WE19; AOS NOGLSTP Affiliate Caucus – The Rainbow Lorikeets; NOGLSTP at oSTEM 2019; NOGLSTP at PFLAG Conference; Calendar; Survey on Renaming NOGLSTP; Nominations Open for NOGLSTP Recognition Awards

Summer 2019 file size = 1710 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Joins Amicus Curiae Brief on Title VII; NOGLSTP Co-Sponsors ASEE LGBTQ+ Presidential Reception; LGBTQ+ Chemists and Allies News; NOGLSTP’s Proposals for AAAS 2020 Meeting Accepted; Outastronaut.org Partnered with NOGLSTP; Edie Windsor Memoir to be Published in October; Survey from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Institute of Physics and the Royal Astronomical Society; LGBTQ+ STEM Day Held on July 5; Alan Turing Selected by Bank of England to be on £50 Note; Equality Act in Limbo in U.S. Senate; Nuclear Pride Changes to Work Within American Nuclear Society; American Institute of Chemical Engineers Joins NOGLSTP as an Affiliate; American Ornithological Society Recruits for a NOGLSTP Caucus; NOGLSTP Chair Makes GO Magazine’s 100 Women We Love: Class of 2019; NOGLSTP Scholarship Recipients to be Announced in August

Spring 2019 file size = 7017 kB
Contents: Out to Innovate Summit Review; NOGLSTP at AAAS Meeting; Out to Innovate Scholarships; NOGLSTP at ACS Meeting; MTSU LGBT+ College Conference; NOGLSTP Inaugural Member of Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment in STEMM; NOGLSTP Treasurer Invited to Brown; Symbiosis in Aquatic Systems Initiative Investigator Awards; L’GASP in ASHA Multicultural Constituency Group Instagram Takeover; NOGLSTP Co-Sponsor of LGBTQ+ Reception at ASEE; Queer Science Group at University of Minnesota; gAyGU Affiliates with NOGLSTP; NOGLSTP at 2020 American Association for Anatomy Meeting; NOGLSTP Begins Organizational Strategic Planning; NOGLSTP Joins 50K Coalition

Winter 2019 file size = 1310 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Recognition Award Recipients; NOGLSTP at AAAS; Out to Innovate™ Summit; NOGLSTP Archives Donated to USC’s ONE Institute; Spectra Events at the Joint Mathematical Meetings; NOGLSTP and 500 Queer Scientists Sign Memorandum of Understanding; ACS LGBT Chemists and Allies News; DiscoverE Global Marathon; NOGLSTP Featured in January/February Issue of Diversity in Action; NOGLSTP’s HERC Workshops Available Online; Op-Ed from NOGLSTP Chair Shelley Diamond

Fall 2018 file size = 2722 kB
Contents: 2018 Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Winners; Motorola Solutions Grant for Funding Out to Innovate™ Scholarships; NOGLSTP at the 2019 AAAS Meeting; oSTEM and NOGLSTP to Mutually Support Conferences; NOGLSTP Partnership for HENAAC Conference; NOGLSTP to Present HERC Workshop Webinar; Out to Innovate™ 2019 Call for Proposals and Volunteers; NOGLSTP at Southern California Undergraduate Research Council’s Career Fair; NOGLSTP at SWE18; Celebrating Diversity at the SACNAS Conference; Companies Respond to Efforts to Erase Legal Protections for Transgender and Intersex People; BIO Promotes Diversity; Editorial; New NOGLSTP Regional Affiliate in Nebraska; Pride-STEM at Texas Tech; 500 Queer Scientists; NOGLSTP Endorses Letters to the National Science Foundation

Summer 2018 file size = 1143 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Participation in 2019 AAAS Meeting; Call for Workshop Proposals and Volunteers for Out to Innovate™; NOGLSTP to Present Webinars with HERC; Council of Engineering and Science Society Executives Conference; Session at Joint Statistical Meeting by LGBT Concerns Committee of the ASA; Diversity in the Minerals, Metals and Materials Professions; NOGLSTP Response to AAAS Online Trellis Community,NSF INCLUDES Forum; GMiS Summit and HENAAC Partnership; NOGLSTP at SACNAS; Programming for LGBTQ Chemists at ACS Fall Meeting; AIChE Forming LGBTQ+ & Allies Initiative; Editorial; U Chicago Advertisement for Chemistry Professor Position; SAGE Organization; Calendar; Call for Nominations for NOGLSTP Recognition Awards

Spring 2018 file size = 1025 kB
Contents: AAAS Meeting and NOGLSTP Recognition Awards Reception Recap; NOGLSTP Applies for Motorola Solutions Foundation Grant; Apply for an Out to Innovate™ Scholarship; Factors Affecting STEM Student Retention; NOGLSTP Postdoc Committee;LGBTQ+ Student Loan Data; Depression in LGBTQ+ College Students; Department of Education Policy Changes Affecting Transgender Students; Training Medical Students to Meet Transgender Healthcare Needs; New Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of HHS; State Bans on Official Business Travel to States with Anti-LGBTQ Laws; Open House for NASA HQ LGBTQ Employee Resource Group; Queer in Your Career at CSUN; CDC’s 7 Forbidden Words; Call for Volunteers for Out to Innovate™

Winter 2018 file size = 1615 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Recognizes Paul, Tanner, and Taubenheim as LGBTQ+ Educator, Scientist, and Engineer of the Year for 2018; Join NOGLSTP as a Force for Science and Diversity Inclusion at the AAAS Annual Meeting; Point Foundation’s LEAD Conference; SIAM Annual Meeting, LGBTQ+ Chemists at ACS Spring Meeting; Lesbians Who Tech Summit; Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS Disbanded; NOGLSTP Involvement in Local Science Fairs; Great Minds in STEM Mentoring Network; Ben Barres Remembered

Fall 2017 file size = 1265 kB
Content: Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Winners; NOGLSTP Receives Motorola Grant for Scholarships;NOGLSTP at 2018 AAAS Annual meeting, Out to Innovate™ 2019; Rollback of LGBTQ+ Workplace Rights; At ASEE Conference; GMIS HENAAC Conference; NOGLSTP Co-sponsoring ASCB Diversity Session; AAS Committee for Sexual Orientation and Gender Minorities in Astronomy (SGMA) News; ASEE and UIUC Receive NSF Award to Increase LGBTQ Inclusion in STEM; News from NOGLSTP at Purdue; Apple Creates Androgynous emojis; Gender Summit North America 2017; Edie Windsor Remembered with Scholarships; Thanks for Support of NOGLSTP; NOGLSTP at SWE Conference; oSTEM Conference; QuEST Fall LGBTQ Social; Lynn Conway Featured on LGBT History Month Website; SACNAS; Calendar; NOGLSTP Recognition Awards

Summer 2017 file size = 1267 kB
Content: New Members of NOGLSTP Board of Directors; NOGLSTP Honored at NSF PRIDE Celebration; Page 2: LGBTQ+ Events at ACS National Meeting; NOGLSTP at ASEE Conference; NOGLSTP at DiscoverE Meeting; CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion; NOGLSTP Partners with HERC; Study of Campus Mental Health Resources for LGBTQ+ Students; NOGLSTP in the News; Valerie Barr Receives ACM Award; Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act; Member Services; Calendar; Planning for Out to Innovate™ 2019; Postdoc Committee Forming

Spring 2017 file size = 2863 kB
Content: Out to Innovate™ 2017 Recap; Apply for Out to Innovate™ Scholarships; NOGLSTP at SWE Capitol Hill Day; Out to Innovate™ 2017 Participant Perspectives; Lesbians Who Tech + Allies Summit; GiveOUT Day; News and Announcements; Calendar; March for Science

Winter 2017 file size = 2100 kB
Content: Out to Innovate™ Preview; AAAS Annual Meeting; NOGLSTP Recognition Awards Winners: Butterfield, Sigmund, McGill; New NOGLSTP Liaison to DiscoverE; MentorNet Partnership with NOGLSTP; Out to Innovate™ Workshops; Out to Innovate™ Sponsors; Calendar, DiscoverE Global Marathon

Fall 2016 file size = 391 kB
Content: Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Winners; Out to Innovate™ Updates; NOGLSTP at Out 4 Undergrad Conference; Victoria Orphan Awarded MacArthur Fellowship; NOGLSTP at SACNAS Conference; NRMN Grant Proposal Writing Groups; Seeking NOGLSTP Engineer for DiscoverE Diversity Council; NOGLSTP Partnered with HERC; Affiliates News; Calendar; NOGLSTP Recognition Awards Nominations; NOGLSTP at Great Minds in STEM Conference; NOGLSTP Demographics

Summer 2016 file size = 950 kB
Content: Motorola Solutions Foundation Grant to NOGLSTP; Out to Innovate™ 2017 Update; Stonewall Designated National Monument; NOGLSTP Featured in Diversity in Action Article; Conference on Broadening Participation in Engineering; US Transgender Population Estimate; LGBTQ+ Activities at ACS Meeting; College Choice Resources for LGBT Students; Pentagon Lifts Ban on Transgender Service Members; Federal Guidance Issued on Transgender Student Rights; EEOC Report on Workplace Harassment; LGBT Health Symposium; oSTEM National Conference; Edie Windsor Coding Scholarships; NOGLSTP and NPA; Give OUT Day

Spring 2016 file size = 4300 kB
Content: Kaithlyn Pinnock Finalist for New Faces of Engineering; NOGLSTP Events at AAAS National Meeting; APS Report on LBGT Climate in Physics; Seeking Volunteers for Out to Innovate™; LGBT Chemists’ Symposium at ACS Meeting; Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Applications; News and Announcements; SWE Article on Supporting Transgender Co-Workers; North Carolina Legislation Banning LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinances; Calendar; DiscoverE Global Marathon; NSF Grant Awarded to Survey LGBTQ Workplace Experiences in STEM

Winter 2016 file size = 683 kB
Content: Events at AAAS National Meeting; CRA Blog Post on NOGLSTP Mentoring; NOGLSTP Partnership with NRMN; Note from the NOGLSTP Chair; NAS Honors Carolyn Bertozzi; GMIS Welcomes NOGLSTP at HEENAC Conference; NOGLSTP Holds LGBTQ+ Reception at 2015 SACNAS National Conference; NOGLSTP Represented at AISES National Conference in Phoenix, AZ in November; Queer Math at AMS and MAA Joint Math Meetings in January; Events for/about LGBTQ+ at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Diego, CA, March 13-17; NOGLSTP Organizing LGBTQ+ Text Chat Lounge for DiscoverE Global Marathon Calendar; DiscoverE’s Engineers Week 2016, February 21-27 and Global Day of the Engineer February 24; Request for Proposals for Out to Innovate™ 2017; Special Offer from DiversityComm

Fall 2015 file size = 148kB
Content: Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Winners; NOGLSTP Receives Motorola Solutions Foundation Grant; LGBT Chemists Reception at ACS Meeting; “Why is Science so Straight?”, Obama Administration Prohibits Transgender Discrimination in Healthcare; Donation in Memory of Elizabeth Doucette; NOGLSTP at SWE Annual Convention; NOGLSTP’s Tim Wilson to Present Workshop at oSTEM 2015 – 5th Annual National Conference; NOGLSTP to Exhibit at Great Minds in STEM™’s HENAAC Conference; NOGLSTP LGBTQ+ Reception at the 2015 SACNAS National Conference; NOGLSTP at Purdue Sponsors LGBTQIA Film Festival and Events for Transgender Day of Remembrance; DiscoverE Events; Researchers Out in the Lab

Summer 2015 file size = 274kB
Content: NOGLSTP-Chesapeake Region Support of Science Fairs; NOGLSTP Networking with GMiS; National Research Mentoring Network; Editorial; Measures for LGBT Inclusion at UC; Frank Kameny Honored; ACS Video on Chemistry of Gender Transition; Advertisement: Univ Chicago Assistant Professor of Chemistry; EEOC Ruling on Sexual Orientation Discrimination; Professional Aerospace Union is a New Member of NOGLSTP; Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (oSTEM) Call for Posters; LGBTQ Chemists and Allies Meeting up at the American Chemical Society Fall National Meeting in Boston; LGBT Reception at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting; Call for Volunteers; Queer Laboratory Life; Health Care Benefits for Transgender Federal Employees

Spring 2015 file size = 234kB
Content: Apply for Out to Innovate™ Scholarships; NOGLSTP Activities at the AAAS Annual Meeting; DiscoverE Global Marathon; NOGLSTP at SWE Capitol Hill Day; LGBTQ+ Career Panel Discussion at UCF; Keith Bowman Appointed Dean of the College of Science & Engineering at SF State; Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act Introduced in U.S. Congress; Facebook Expands Gender Customizability Option; U.S. Labor Department Clarifies Same Sex Spousal Benefits; Wellesley to Accept Trans students; Kansas Rescinds State Employee Protections; Exxon Mobil Adopts LBGT Workplace Protections

Winter 2015 file size = 454kB
Content: Out to Innovate™ Recap, NOGLSTP Activities at the AAAS Annual Meeting; John Burke Receives Walt Westman Award; Will the Real Alan Turing Please Stand Up?; Williams Institute Report on the State of LGBT People in the US; Women in Engineering & Technology Global Marathon; Willamette MBA STEM Scholarship; NOGLSTP Mentioned in New LGBTQ+ Encyclopedia; FDA Makes Changes to Blood Donation Rules; Calendar

Fall 2014 file size = 370kB
Content: NOGLSTP Recognition Awards: Bland, Mavalvala, Atherton; Out to Innovate™ 2014 Update; ACS Reception; NOGLSTP Reception at SACNAS; NOGLSTP Responds to Science Cover; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Audiologists and Speech-Language
Pathologists (L’GASP) News; NOGLSTP at Purdue Sponsors LGBTQIA Film Festival; NOGLSTP at WE14 + ICWES16 Conference EXPO; NOGLSTP Working with DiscoverE; Census Bureau Refines Marital Status Categories; Megan Smith Named Chief Technology Officer; Congress Requests HHS Update on Blood and Tissue Donation Policies

Summer 2014 file size = 215kB
Content: NOGLSTP’s Out to Innovate™ 2013 Scholarship Winner Graduates / Judging Underway for this Year’s Scholarships; Nominations Open for NOGLSTP Awards / Deadline August 1; Out to Innovate™ 2014 Update; GoDaddy Founding Sponsor of Out to Innovate™ 2014; NOGLSTP Supports ASEE Diversity Efforts; LGBT Astronomers Celebrate Pride at the White House; NOGLSTP-CR Expands Science Fair Participation; American Chemical Society Presidential LGBT Reception in San Francisco; LGBTQ+ Themed Presentations at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco; DiscoverE Diversity Council Meeting News; NY Times Article Describes Uncovered Evidence of Historic Federal; Employment Discrimination; Our Stories Matter; A Shoutout for Diversity Inclusion of LGBTQ People in STEM

Spring 2014 file size = 143kB
Content: NOGLSTP Nominees for New Faces of Engineering College Edition; NOGLSTP Annual Meeting and AAAS Meeting Review; Out to Innovate™ Scholarships (call for applications),;NOGLSTP Award Nominations (call for nominations); SWE Capitol Hill Day; Trouble in Africa; NOGLSTP- CR at the USA Science and Engineering Festival; L’GASP Gains NOGLSTP Caucus Affiliation; oSTEM Chapter Launched at Penn; Editorial on the Ugandan Law; Calendar; Member Services

Winter 2014 file size = 440kB
Content: Out to Innovate™ Summit in Conjunction with oSTEM National Meeting; NOGLSTP at AAAS Meeting; NOGLSTP Collaborates on Research Mentoring Network Planning Grant; IEEE Revised Code of Ethics; NOGLSTP at SACNAS Conference; Medal of Freedom Awarded to Sally Ride; Turing Pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II; NOGLSTP- CR at the USA Science and Engineering Festival; Lesbians Who Tech Summit – NOGLSTP Joins as Partner; NOGLSTP Featured in Nature Article; Jack Andraka Honored by the Vatican; Perspectives of a Gay American Immigrant Scientist Published; NuclearPride – An Organization for Queer Nuclear Engineers; Member Services

Fall 2013 file size = 81kB
Content: Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Winners Announced; Out To Innovate™ 2014 Update; NOGLSTP at SACNAS Conference; NOGLSTP Committee on LGBTQI Issues in Biomedical Research Formed; Attention Student Members! 2014 New Faces of Engineering: College Edition Goes Live on October 1; New Faces of Engineering is Back!; Tammy Baldwin Comes Out for Scientific Research; Dow AgroSciences GLAD Chapter hosts LGBT Reception at the Fall ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis; gAyGU Annual Dinner in December; oSTEM October Gala; Lesbians Who Tech; New Dues Category; NOGLSTP to Participate in the USA Science and Engineering Festival; IEEE Proposes Adding Sexual Orientation to Fairness Clause of Code of Ethics; Follow Interesting Posts at NOGLSTP’s LinkedIn

Summer 2013 file size = 94kB
Content: NOGLSTP Nominee Binbin Chen Selected for “New Faces of Engineering College Edition”; Twitter Welcomes NOGLSTP!; Office of Science and Technology Policy Student Volunteer Program Application Deadline June 28; NOGLSTP Featured in Science Careers Article; NOGLSTP Raises Funds on National Give OUT Day; Nationwide Study of LGBTQ Experiences in STEM; NOGLSTP Collaborates on NIH Proposal for Research Mentoring Network; QuEST Activities; “It Gets Better” Videos from Caltech and NASA – Johnson Space Center; ExxonMobil Shareholders Again Reject Gay Discrimination Ban; NOGLSTP Recognition Awards – Submit Your Nominations; Member Services

Spring 2013 file size = 164kB
Content: Report from NOGLSTP at AAAS Boston; Out to Innovate™ Scholarships for 2013 Deadline June 2; Sequestration – Only Time Will Tell; ASA Files Amicus Brief with U.S. Supreme Court in Marriage Equality Cases; Corporations File Supreme Court Brief Favoring Marriage Equality; NOGLSTP Welcomes a New Caucus: Working Group on LGBTIQ Equality within the American Astronomical Society; Calling All Chemists – ACS Spring Meeting New Orleans; Minnesota Queer Science Sponsors Edit-a-thon to Highlight Achievements of LGBT Scientists; More College Student Health Plans Providing Coverage for Gender Reassignment Surgery; NOGLSTP to Participate in National Give OUT Day on May 9; NOGLSTP Back to Capitol Hill with SWE; Member Services

Winter 2013 file size = 163kB
Content: NOGLSTP at the AAAS Annual Meeting; Out to Innovate™ 2012; Lynn Conway Honored in Special Issue of IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine; Dr. Robert Porter Assumes Presidency of the Florida Psychological Association; Statistician Nate Silver Selected Person of the Year by Out Magazine; NOGLSTP at SACNAS Annual Meeting; New Tool for Science Careers from AAAS: MyIDP; Calling All Chemists – ACS Spring Meeting; Expanding the Circle 2013 Summer Institute; “Diversity in Comics” Events at Purdue; University of Iowa Asks Incoming Students About Sexual Orientation; Mark Your Calendars; Thanks to Out to Innovate™ Sponsors

Fall 2012 file size = 106kB
Content: 2012 NOGLSTP Recognition Award Winners: Lo, Pope, Lickle, Ross; Out to Innovate™ is Coming Soon; If Only the World Had Known Sally Ride Was Gay; New Faces of Engineering; gAyGU Dinner During AGU Fall Meeting Week; LGBTIQ Astronomers at AAS Winter Meeting; New Faces of Engineering, College Edition; Mark Your Calendars; Thanks to Out to InnovateTM Sponsors; NOGLSTP at Purdue Receives University Award; About NOGLSTP

Summer 2012 file size = 131kB
Content: NOGLSTP at Columbus Pride Festival; Grant from Motorola Solutions Foundation; NOGLSTP Workshop Proposal for AAAS 2013 meeting; NOGLSTP at SWE’s Capital Hill Day; Nominations for NOGLSTP Awards; NOGLSTP at ASEE Meeting; Out to Innovate™ Scholarship Update; NOGLSTP Membership Drive at IBM; News and Announcements; Membership Form; Alan Turing Centenary Events; Demographics Survey; Calendar; Member Services

Spring 2012 file size = 134kB
Contents: AAAS Annual Meeting Review; Battelle/NOGLSTP Out to Innovate Scholarships; Nominations for NOGLSTP Recognition Awards; Nergis Mavalvala to be Keynote Speaker at 2012 Out to Innovate Summit; Out for Undergraduate Technology Conference; NOGLSTP Partnerships with MentorNet, HERC, and NPA; NOGLSTP at ASEE Annual Conference;Affiliates News; Membership Form; NOGLSTP at SWE Western Regions Conference; Calendar; Member Services

Winter 2012 file size = 116kB
Contents: Presidential Appointments Project Update; Out to Innovate 2012 Update; Battelle Funds “Out to Innovate” Scholarships; NOGLSTP Partnership with HERC; Turing to be Honored on Postage Stamp; NOGLSTP Website Update; NOGLSTP at AAAS Annual Meeting; Affiliates News; Member Services; New California Laws; Thanks to NOGLSTP Volunteers and Supporters

Fall 2011 file size = 100kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Announces its 2011 Scholarship Recipients, Michael Brandon Waak and Tonia Poteat; Out to Innovate 2012 Update; Medical School Curricula Lacking Instruction on LGBT Healthcare Needs; Nominations Sought for New Faces of Engineering; New Faces of Engineering College Edition Scholarships; NOGLSTP to Host Reception at SACNAS National Conference; Making Professional Outreach Happen – An Example from the American Nuclear Society Meeting; Michigan Attempts to Penalize Universities for Offering Domestic Partner Benefits; Member Services; Mark Your Calendars; NOGLSTP Travels to Vancouver for ASEE National Conference; NOGLSTP Website Updated with a Fresh Look; New Website for Out to Innovate; About NOGLSTP

Summer 2011 file size = 188 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP/USC Lambda STEM Scholarship Winner; White House Proclamation for LGBT Pride Month; Diversity in Science Blog Carnival; Work-Family Interactions Survey; AAAS-NOGLSTP Symposium on AIDS Treatments; Affiliates News; Announcements; Membership Form; Next “Out to Innovate” Summit; NOGLSTP Volunteers; DuPont Sponsorship at ASEE; Calendar

Spring 2011 file size = 142 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP 2011 Recognition Award Winners; Battelle/NOGLSTP Scholarships; AAAS Career Development Workshop; Sarah Siegel – Integrating Personal and Professional Identities; NOGLSTP Board of Directors Retreat; MentorNet program; Affiliates News; Announcements; Membership Form; NOGLSTP Board Member Receives Award; Presidential Advisory Coalition; Calendar

Winter 2011 file size = 79 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP 2011 Recognition Award Winners; NOGLSTP Activities at the AAAS Annual Meeting; Out to Innovate; NOGLSTP Nominee for New Faces of Engineering; Affiliates News; From the Editor; Membership Form; NOGLSTP at IU President Receives Awards; Presidential Appointment Nominations; Calendar

Fall 2010 file size = 1470 kB
Contents: Register Now for Out to Innovate; Hats off in Gratitude to Our Out to Innovate Sponsors; News from American Chemical Society; Nominate Someone for a Presidential Appointment; Call for Nominations for NOGLSTP Annual Recognition Awards; New Faces of Engineering Call for NOGLSTP Nominations; Member Services; Mark Your Calendars; NOGLSTP Affiliate Pride; Renewal Form; Off-label Prenatal Use of Dexamethasone Stirs Controversy; NOGLSTP Bulletin to Get New Editor; About NOGLSTP

Spring 2010 file size = 270 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Presents Out to Innovate October 9, 2010; Dean Hamer to be Keynote Speaker at Out to Innovate; NOGLSTP Joins Presidential Advisory Coalition – Experts Wanted; American Chemical Society Establishes LGBT Subdivision; NOGLSTP Gay Pride Month Activities; Changes in Policy Put Forward by Obama Administration for Pride Month; Roundtable Discussion: Best Practices for Asking Questions on Sexual Orientation on Surveys; Mark Your Calendars; Passports for Transgender People; Two New LGBT College Presidents Chosen; Recap: NOGLSTP Presented Widely Respected AIDS Symposium at AAAS 2010

Winter 2010 file size = 268 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Invites You to These Events at the AAAS San Diego Annual Meeting Feb 19-22; NOGLSTP to Honor Keasling, Bering, and Riley as 2010 GLBT Engineer, Scientist and Educator of the Year; News from NOGLSTP Affiliates and Friends; Celebrate National Engineers Week February 14-20; Mark Your Calendars; Member Services; Renewal Form; NOGLSTP’s Latest Project in the Works… “Out to Innovate”; About NOGLSTP

Summer 2009 file size = 186 kB
Contents: Frank Kameny: Astronomer Interuptus…; Call for Nominations for NOGLSTP GLBT Recognition Awards; In Gratitude to: The Gay Chemists Fund and Raytheon Company; NOGLSTP Supports Point Scholars; A Unique Opportunity High School; NOGLSTP Will Present Symposium on HIV Research and Career Workshop at 2010 AAAS Meeting; Mark Your Calendars; Member Services; ENDA Builds Momentum; About NOGLSTP

Spring 2009 file size = 613 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Appoints New Board Members; Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers; Rescinding Domestic Partnership Benefits; Regional and Caucus News, New Face of Engineering; Out and About with NOGLSTP; Member Services; Networking with NOGLSTP Members; Mark Your Calendars; Renewal Form; Uniting American Families Act Gets Hearing in Congress; Gay Penguin Partners Make Warm Parents; About NOGLSTP

Winter 2009 file size = 349 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Honors Nowick, Gingiss, and Uribe as Outstanding GLBT Scientist, Engineer, and Educator of the Year at Chicago Reception; Meet Up with NOGLSTP at AAAS Chicago: Sunday February 15; NOGLSTP Chair Named AAAS Fellow; Celebrating National Engineers Week: New Faces of Engineering; UCSF Presents Out in Science; Re-Introducing NOGLSTP at Purdue; Continued Improvements to Member Services Site; NOGLSTP Partners with Point Foundation; National Postdoctoral Association; NOGLSTP Membership Form; Stimulating STEM – an Editorial; About NOGLSTP

Fall 2008 file size = 321 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Partners with Point Foundation; NOGLSTP Renews MentorNet and Post-Doc Partnerships; Introducing CareerLink; Biological factors are being implicated in gender identity; NOGLSTP’s Nominees for New Faces of Engineering; NOGLSTP’s Activities with Engineers Week Diversity Council; One-on-One e-Mentoring; Announcing 2009 NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Competition; Diversity Day at the Naval Undersea Warfare Station; Out and About; National Coming Out Day Activities; Regional News; Continued Improvements to Member Services Site; Mark Your Calendars; In Gratitude; Renewal Form; Queer Social Scientist of Contemporary Note: Eve P. Fielder 1941-2008; About NOGLSTP

Spring / Summer 2008 file size = 192 kB
Contents: Education is the key – Reflections on a Scourge; Equality Forum Features Rachel Carson and Margaret Mead for 2008 History Month Icons; Gay Pride Events; Diversity Council Update; Advocating Q-Geek Media Coverage; Persistence of Homosexuality Through Time in Terms of Evolution; More Nature vs Nurture; No Benefits for Michigan DP’s; NOGLSTP’s Improved Member Services Site; Calls for Nominations; Mark Your Calendars; In Gratitude…; Kerry Sieh to Become Founding Director of Earth Observatory of Singapore; U of Wisconsin Names Openly Gay Chancellor

Winter 2008 file size = 1314 kB
Contents: 2008 NOGLSTP GLBT Scientist of the Year: Arnold Zwicky; NOGLSTP Activities at the 2008 AAAS Annual Meeting; Celebrate National Engineering Week; 2008 NOGLSTP GLBT Engineer or the Year: Michael Steinberg; NOGLSTP GLBT Educator of the Year: Michael Falk; Joint Mathematics Meeting News; Improved Member Services Site; Call for Interns; Call for Support of Amicus Brief on Junk Science; Technopolicywonk Queer of Note: Todd B. Hawley

Fall 2007 file size = 308 kB
Contents: The Happiest (and perhaps gayest?) Place on Earth; Engineering Council Advances Diversity Agenda; Thank You, Raytheon!; NOGLSTP Welcomes Aboard LGBT Math Caucus; Politics; Congressional Strip Watch; OUT and ABOUT this Past Fall; Introducing NOGLSTP’s New and Improved Member Services Site; Engineers Week; Save the Dates (NOGLSTP Annual Business Meeting Announcement); Consider Making an End-of-Year Donation; Equality Forum – 31 days – 31 Icons; One-on-One e-Mentoring Opportunities

Spring / Summer 2007 file size = 192 kB
Contents: Out and Equal Workshop; NOGLSTP/AAAS team up for Out for Work Conference; NOGLSTP receives $5000 grant; Rainbow Guys donate 22 science related Rainbow Minutes; New HRC Report; ENDA; E-Week Diversity Council; Moving Forward, NPA/NOGLSTP bundled membership; Dues increased, Post doc category added; Events, In memory of Denice Denton; E-Mentoring

Winter 2007 file size = 572 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP to Present AAAS Symposium on Electronic Mentoring; NOGLSTP Chesapeake Region First Event Report; 2007 Recognition Awards Recipients: Bertozzi, Gill, Mauzey, and Bannochie; Annual Meeting Announcement; About the 2007 NOGLSTP Recognition Award Recipients; NOGLSTP Mentoring Program off to a Good Start; Call for Mentors and Proteges; National Gay Rights Organizations Team Up To Create Healthcare Equality Index

Fall 2006 file size = 761 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP at O&E Workplace Summit; Dupont and NOGLSTP sponsor SWE Event; NOGLSTP sponsors events for the LGBTQA at SACNAS National Conference; Introducing NOGLSTP Chesapeake Region; Science News; 2006 Corporate Equality Index; Workplace networking site: www.glbtworkplace.com; oSTEM; Recognition Awards – Call for nominations; Mark Your Calendars; Thank You, Raytheon!; Equality Forum celebrates GLBT History Month; Advertisement: Live for Today Travel; Membership Renewal Form; Queer Scientist of Contemporary Note: Frank Kameny, Gay Activist

Spring 2006 file size = 121 kB
Contents: News from NOGLSTP; NOGLSTP Joins the National Postdoctoral Association; Point foundation Awards 30 Scholarships; Genticist Esnayra Receives Eli Lilly Welcome Back Awards, Brain Response to Putative Pheromones in Lesbian Women; Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Discharges Climb; Transexual Files $4.5 M Discrimination Suit on Two Continents; Give a Helping Hand; Center for Disease Control Commemorates 25 Years of AIDS; Mark Your Calendars; Queer Scientist of Contemporary Note: Kerry Sieh

Winter 2006 file size = 420 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP to Honor Sieh, Ventzek, Denton, and Parga at 2006 Awards Ceremony in February; Meet Us in St. Louis; IBM Provides Lead Funding for NOGLSTP Mentoring Project; Recognition Awards continued; Celebrate National Engineers Week; News from 365gay.com; Mentoring Project continued; Call for Mentors; NOGLSTP Member Employment in a Nutshell; HRC Report: The Best Places to Work

Fall 2005 file size = 214 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Launching Mentoring Program; Raytheon Shows Their Support; News About and From Our Members: Bannochie, ASTC, Tumeo; Reports on NOGLSTP Presence at Fall Conferences: Out & Equal, LGBT Chemists, SACNAS, SWE; Save the Date: NOGLSTP Annual Meeting, National Engineering Week; Consider Making an End-of-Year Donation; NOGLSTP Member Professions in a Nutshell; Queer Scientists of contemporary Note: Alexis Templeton and Amy Palmer

Spring/Summer 2005 file size = 220 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP to Present Mentoring Workshop at 2005 Out and Equal Workplace Summit; Queer Science in the News; AAAS Symposium and NOGLSTP Awards Reception Review; NOGLSTP Board Transitions; 2006 Recognition Award Nomination Solicitation; Legislation Would Protect Federal Employees from Sexual Orientation Discrimination; University of Toronto Paid Advertisement; Events Coming Up This Fall

Winter 2005 file size = 54 kB
Contents: Defining Male and Female – Research Casts Further Doubt on Newborn Sex-assignment Surgeries; NOGLSTP Honors Aberson, Conway, and Raytheon at Awards Ceremony; A Genome-Wide Scan of Male Sexual Orientation; Permanent Partners Immigration Act; Rare HIV Strain Detected in New York Man; Out and Equal Leadership Summit Update; Article link from Diversity/Careers

Fall 2004 file size = 58 kB
Contents: Defining Male and Female: Biology and the Law; NOGLSTP Member Writes a Commentary; NOGLSTP Represented at Fall Out and Equal Leadership Summit; Thanks to Raytheon; Child Development Study: Teens adjust well with gay parents; AIDS Infections are at all-time high; Researchers stimulate AIDS antibodies; Study finds genetic factors; 3rd Annual Corporate Equality Index Available; Advertisement: University of Toronto; Kansas judge dismisses trans gender fraud case; Call for GLBT Scientist/Engineer of the Year Nominations; NOGLSTP Activities at 2005 AAAS Meeting; Technoqueer of Contemporary Note: Amanda Simpson – Rocket Scientist/Politician

Spring/Summer 2004 file size = 35 kB
Contents: News from our 2004 AAAS Meeting; Rant from the Chair: Raising Our Activation State; LGBT Chemists and Allies Reception; Other Meetings of Interest, Volunteer Opportunities; Technoqueer of Contemporary Note: Larry Wagner, SemiConductor Chemist

Winter 2004 file size = 60 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP to Honor Diamond, Wagner, AAAS at Inaugural Awards Ceremony in February; AAAS AMSIE Feb 12-16, 2003 Seattle WA; NOGLSTP Receives Gift from Raytheon; Court Upholds HP’s Right to Fire for Posting Anti-Gay Messages; NIH Grants Justified in the Funding for Sexuality Research; Submit Your Program Ideas to the NOGLSTP Board; Developments with the American Chemical Society; Pittsburgh Higher Education institutions in the News Over DP Benefits; Volunteer Opportunities; Membership Renewal Form; Obituary: Judd Marmor, MD; About NOGLSTP

Summer/Fall 2003 file size = 56 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Awards Solicitation Deadline Oct 15; Save the Date; In Search of Corporate Support for G/L Immigration Rights; The Point Foundation; HRC Corporate Equality Report; Scientists Detect How HIV Attacks T-Cells; Lesbians May Face Higher Heart Risks; How to Start a NOGLSTP Chapter; Volunteer Opportunities; Membership Renewal Form; Technoqueer of Contemporary Note: Soraya Bittencourt; About NOGLSTP

Spring 2003 file size = 154 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Board Announces Award Program; GLMA Protests Government Censorship; National Postdoctoral Association; ENDA Symposium at ACS Meeting; What is ENDA?; Spam or Scam-Reality Check ; Volunteer Opportunities; Renewal Form; Obituary: CA Tripp; About NOGLSTP

Winter 2003 file size = 65 kB
Contents: Smallpox Vaccination not for Immunosuppressed; Save the Date – 2003 AAAS ASMIE; Reproduction Fantasy becomes Real Life; Lockheed Martin Adds Sexual Orientation to its Non Discrimination Policy; University of Toronto Faculty Position
Advertisement; Who are we? NOGLSTP Demographics; NOGLSTP Volunteer Opportunities; Membership Renewal Form; Queer Scientist of Contemporary Note: Clare Waterman-Storer; About NOGLSTP

Fall 2002 file size = 106 kB
Contents: Estimating the Numbers: Scientists and Engineers in the US Labor Force; Permanent Partners Immigration Act; NOGLSTP Volunteer Opportunities; Odd or Jolly Good; 1st HRC Corporate Equality Index; Save the Date – NOGLSTP @ AAAS AMSIE; Membership Renewal Form; Statistics by Opinion; About NOGLSTP

Summer 2002 file size = 67 kB
Contents: LBGT Chemists and Allies; NOGLSTP Members at Work; LGBT Scientists Share Their Experiences; Homophobia=Racism; AT&T Keeps Gay Worker Protections; Oil Giant BP Supports ENDA; Man Leaves $7.2M to Gay Groups and School; Event Calendar; Renewal/Membership Form; Transgender Scientist of Contemporary Note; In Memorium: Kinsey Research Psychologist; Volunteer Opportunity; About NOGLSTP

Spring 2002 file size = 126 kB
Contents: FDA Considers Tissue Donations; Symposium Recap; Aquarium Discovers Two Gay Penguins; Montana Psychology Professor and Family Burned out of House; Emerson Rejects Employment Opportunity Policy Amendment; Aerospace Giant Pressed on Gay Rights; Companion Document on LBGT Health; It’s Always Time for Pride; Events Calendar; Renewal/Membership Form; Queer Health Professionals of Historic Note; Volunteer Opportunity; About NOGLSTP

Fall 2001 file size = 214 kB
Contents: A State of Mind; The End of Summer as We Knew It; Congratulations; Medical Peer Recognition; AAAS Symposium and Reception Coming Soon; Social Opportunities for Technoqueers; Out & Equal Outie Awards; Renew Your Dues One-line; Consider Contributing to NOGLSTP; Events Calendar; Queer Scientist of Contemporary Note: Joan Roughgarden; Volunteer Opportunity

Summer 2001 file size = 58 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP to Host Symposium at 2002 AAAS Convention; Symposium Synopsis; For Example…; Workplace Issues; Statistics to Ponder; Scientific Freedom of the Press; Book Review: Slow River; Renew You Dues On-Line; More Ways to Give us Money; Events Calendar; Queer Scientist of Contemporary Note: Margery L. Cook; Volunteer Opportunity: Edit the NOGLSTP Newsletter

Spring 2001 file size = 98 kB
Contents: Queer Chemists Convene at ACS National Meeting; Kudos to Our Own; LBGT Biotech Association Forms in San Diego; Controversy Supplies Momentum to the GLBTQ Astronomy Community; Politics and Policy: Privacy, Safe for Sex; Funding Available for LGBT Health Research; Sociologists Challenge Data on Gay Parenting; Meetings Calendar: AAS, GLMA, NOMAS, ASPP, ESA, ACS, APHA; Queer Scientist of Contemporary Note: Rupert Barneby

Winter 2001 file size = 142 kB
Contents: AAAS Annual Meeting; NOGLSTP Board of Directors; Marriage Equality; Employee News from Aerospace Corp; Federal and Postal Employees; AIDS Vaccine Shows Promise; Proposals for APF Placek Awards;
Organizing at Conventions; Technoqueers in the Big Time Media; Conferences: GLBT Mathematicians, National Lesbian Health, LGBT Chemists; Queer Scientists of Historical Note

Fall 2000 file size = 171 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Helps Celebrate Pasadena Pride; 2001 NAMEPA/WEPAN Joint Conference to Address Engineer Shortage; A Theorist with Personal Experience of the Divide Between the Sexes; Activism and Computing Power; Psychiatrists Cancel Gay Debate; Gay and High Tech Correlation; Death of the Good Doctor – Lessons from the Heart of the AIDS Epidemic; Women’s Leadership Luncheon; Mark Your Calendars; Queer Scientists of Historical Note

Summer 2000 file size = 108 kB
Contents: November 2000: Once in a Generation; Public Health Website; Lesbians In Science Gathering in Michigan; Same-Sex Relationship Survey; New Online Bookstore for Lesbians; Salutaris Celebrates Pride Month; Queer Scientists of Historical Note

Spring 2000 file size = 239 kB
Contents: Millenium March: On the Front Line; PFLAG’s Apple Pies; Carl Sagan – A Life: Book Review; National Men’s Conference: Continuing the Struggle for Justice; Carl Sagan Biography Dedicated to Gay Colleague and NOGLSTP; FDA-Globe; Queer Scientists of Historical Note

Winter 2000 file size = 238 kB
Contents: AAAS Meeting; APHA Passes Transgender Resolution; NOGLSTP News; Congratulations to Queer Scientists; Science Resumes; Millenium March on Washington; Impact of the Internet on Queers; US Census 2000; Past Meetings; Calls for papers: IEEE, APA; Latest Battle for Same-Sex Marriage; Future Meetings; Queer Scientists of Historical Note

Fall 1999 file size = 171 kB
Contents: Mark your calendars for NOGLSTP at 2000 AAAS AMSIE; A Public Consultation on Oversight of Genetic Tests; Queer Scientists of Historical Note; Transgender in the Workplace; Adoption Eased in CA; Mobil Gays Lose in Exxon Merge; Partner Health Benefits; NIH-APA Workshop; Attention LGBT Academics; Upcoming Queer Conferences

Summer 1999 file size = 68 kB
Contents: Queer Fauna, Naturally: Transexual Fish, Two-Daddied Vultures; Queer Professionals Networking: Sociologists LGBT Caucus, GL Statisticians Caucus, LGBT Chemists, GLMA, APHA LGB Caucus; Other Events of Interest; Science and Technology Pavilion at Pasadena Pride ’99; Your Tax Dollar at Work: Queer News from the Federal Government; Call for Volunteers

Spring 1999 file size = 68 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP @ AAAS; LesBiGay Chemists; The Last Sorcerer Book Review; Openly Gay Commissioners of Patents; Canadian Team Can’t Replicate Earlier US Work; Report on Lesbian Health; Following Up; Interesting Websites; Calendar/Conferences

Winter 1999 / Fall 1998 file size = 49 kB
Contents: NOGLSTP Reception at 1999 AAAS Convention; NOGLSTP salutes Triangle Area Gay Scientists (TAGS) and Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Scientists (LAGLS) for their long-term organization continuity; News from NOGLSTP Members; On the Internet; Challenging Economic Myths; An End to an Era; A Victory for the Trans Community; Gay Science Teacher Fights Defection; Matthew Shepard – Victim, Martyr, Catalyst; New CDC Guidelines for HIV Reporting

Summer 1998 file size = 151 kB
Contents: National Coming Out Day; NOGLSTP at AAAS; Homeokineticist Honored; Road Trip; Service Award; From Wrongs to Rights; A Lott of Hot Air; LGB Neuroscientists; Dyke Scientists; NOGLSTP in Your Neighborhood; Federal GLOBE; Sociologists LGBT Caucus; LGB Chemists; McVeigh Settles; Told Ya So; NOGLSTP and the Feds; Nature or Nurture Revisited; Caution with Viagra

Spring 1998 file size = 130 kB
Contents: Out and About with NOGLSTP; Chemists Meet Up in Dallas; Beware of Leaky Condoms; Lesbian Ears; Noted Ecologist Comes Out as Transsexual; NOGLSTP Prepares for the Year 2000; News on the Domestic Partner Front; NLGHA Conference; Mandatory HIV Reporting; Psych Unit Fills Patients with Pride

Spring 1997 file size = 8 kB
Contents: Featured excerpt: Homosexuality Among Non-Humans; Gay Activists Found Clone Rights United; University Spotlight – Judge Rules Against UW-Madison Groups But Appeal In Works; Queer Students Get Their Own Floor; ACLU Challenges Alabama Law Barring Lesbian and Gay Student Clubs; Homophobia Still Felt By Students; POISON IVY, a book on lesbian and gay academics confronting homophobia; STATUS OF THE GENE POOL; Case Closed on Hamer; Subjects Needed; NOGLSTP Comments on Recommendations of Task Force on Genetic Testing; San Francisco and United Airlines, Coming Together; Patenting Gene Fragments; GLMA Announces 1st Director of Public Policy; Blowing Smoke; South Africa, from oppression to liberation; Israeli Leader Declares Gays Abnormal; Supreme Court will Hear ACLU v. Reno Internet Case in Spring; State Bar of California Issues Brochure; Animal Behavior and Sexual Orientation; More on the Fruitfly – FRU Gene Found to be a Regulator of Male Sexual Behavior; Fish Sez, Transgender, and Brain Chemistry; Boxtop Interactive Launches Outbox; New Workplace Discussion List; Net Addiction; Rochelle Diamond, NOGLSTP Chair, Honored for Professional Achievement; AAAS – A Weekend Review; ACLU Publishes Handbook on Rights of HIV Positive People; NLGHA 19th Annual Health Conference and AIDS/HIV Forum

Spring 1996 file size = 6 kB
Contents: Featured excerpt: NOGLSTP Symposia – Assessing Heath Care for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Community; August 1996 Joint Statistical Meetings; Pentagon Policy – DNA Samples; New NOGLSTP Email Address; Federal Court Strikes Down Alabama Law Barring GLB Student Groups from Campus; Books of Interest; NOGLSTP News; Member networking in Europe or outside the US; Recruit, Recruit, Recruit; Calling All Chemists; Calling All Volunteers; 2nd Biennial National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Labor Conference; 14th Annual Symposium of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association; 18th National Lesbian & Gay Health Conference and 14th National AIDS/HIV Forum; Ninth International Conference on AIDS; The 13th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial and Mobilization; Gay & Lesbian Academics of New York; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; National Institute of Health Works Toward Greater Inclusion in the Workplace; Continued from last time…; Domestic Partner Benefits: In Universities – And in the real world; Canadian Parliament Votes to End Discrimination; New Gay Quarterly; Quote of the day

Winter 1996 file size = 8 kB
Contents: Featured excerpt: Domestic Partner Benefits On the Increase; NOGLSTP at AAAS AMSIE ’96; Marines Fight DNA Battle; Civil Rights – the ENDA Story; Some More Good News… Northwestern University Grants Benefits to Same-Sex Domestic Partners; And Some Bad News… Domestic Partnership News From the University of Washington; Conferences; Trouble Town; NOGLSTP Featured in “Diversity/Careers”; Call For Papers; Books of Interest; MENTAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL NEWS; APA Pathologizes Lesbian and Gay Youth; HIV Neuropathology; Lesbian Health Fund; Promoting Diversity in Medical Education; New Journal on L/G/B/T Health; XQ28 For Sale?