Affiliates & Partners

Part of the Out to Innovate Mission is to foster professional networking and peer support. This is accomplished by...

  • hosting receptions at professional society meetings,
  • encouraging geographical and professional clusters of Out to Innovate members to activate as regional and professional society affiliates,
  • facilitating mentor/protege connections through MentorNet’s One-on-One Mentoring program,
  • providing opportunities for Out to Innovate members to communicate with one another through our members only portal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram
  • promoting other technoqueer organizations and employee resource groups, and
  • initiating and maintaining affiliations with other professional societies.


Out to Innovate (formerly NOGLSTP) regularly hosts receptions for LGBTQ+ folk at the Annual Meeting of American Association for Advancement of Science, the Fall Meeting of the American Chemical Society, and others. We also promote LGBTQ+-outreach activities organized by our members at other professional society meetings. 

Instead of Chapters, Out to Innovate has Regional and Affiliate groups. Go to the Regional and Affiliate Group section for details and links to our current affiliates.

Out to Innovate members may opt in to a membership directory, searchable by other members while logged into their membership account. Out to Innovate's Facebook group is for social networking, and Out to Innovate's LinkedIn group is for professional networking. The OutList, e-list, Facebook and LinkedIn groups are for dues-paying members only, links to which may be found in the member profile area after logging into the membership portal.

We try to be aware of other technoqueer groups. Some of these groups are loosely organized LGBTQ+ folk within a professional society. Others were the inspiration or even the driving force behind the original organizing of NOGLSTP over a quarter century ago. Links to these groups can be found in the Other Technoqueer Organizations section.

Because we scientists and technical professionals find ourselves being defined by what we do for a living, support in our workplace environment very important. For this reason, Out to Innovate tries to network with LGBTQ+ Employee Resource groups at companies that employ scientists, engineers, and other high tech professionals. Links to these groups can be found in the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Groups section.


NOGLSTP, dba Out to Innovate, is an affiliate society of American Association for the Advancement of Science, and provides a representative to AAAS Section X, the Section on Societal Impacts of Science and Engineering. NOGLSTP and Section X members have collaborated many times to present scientific symposia of mutual interest.

NOGLSTP, dba Out to Innovate is a Diversity Partner of American Chemical Society, the world’s largest single subject professional society.

NOGLSTP, dba Out to Innovate is a partner with the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, an organization of over 550 higher education, research, and health care employers with thousands of career opportunities in the scientific and technical professions. HERC members are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and to helping dual-career couples find satisfying jobs within a commutable distance.

NOGLSTP, dba Out to Innoate, is an endorsing society of National Engineers Week, and participates in E-Week’s yearly Global Marathon webcast. In addition, NOGLSTP is a founding member of the E-Week Diversity Council.

NOGLSTP, dba Out to Innovate, is a joint membership partner with SWE, Society for Women Engineers. SWE members get a membership dues discount in Out to Innovate.  SWE members should log into their SWE membership account to get this discount information.